Hi, I am Rahul
Founder of MoneyFreed.com

Broke med student turned online entrepreneur earning $$ through blogging, affiliate marketing, and selling digital products after 5 years hustling online. Now I help others do the same.

I have been featured in various media outlets such as GoBankingRates, Yahoo Finance & more.

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My Story: From Broke Med Student to Online Income Earner

My name is Rahul and I’m a final-year medical student with a secret life as an online entrepreneur.

Back when I started med school, I struggled to pay for textbooks and supplies. My parents couldn’t help much financially, so I started researching ways to make money on the side. That’s when I discovered blogging and affiliate marketing.

I launched some small blogs and to my surprise, started earning commissions from affiliate links. It was only $100 here and there at first, but it added up. Within a few months, I was making enough to cover my textbook costs!

Some payments I got from Adsense & Ezoic…

My Adsense Payment Proof of amount $136.11
My Adsense Payment Proof of amount $136.11
My 3 months Ezoic Payment Proof on Payoneer.
My 3 Months Ezoic Payment Proof on Payoneer.

That initial success got me hooked. I expanded my blogs over the next few years and branched out into selling digital products like Notion templates. Now, 5 years after starting out broke, I’m good amount per month from my side hustles.

My Earnings From Selling Notion Templates Online
My Earnings From Selling Notion Templates On Prototion

I never imagined making real money online, but it’s allowed me to stay afloat in medical school. Now I want to help other stressed people do the same.

This blog shares everything I’ve learned about earning online, from blogging to digital products. My income reports prove this is possible for anyone with a drive. If I can do this alongside med school, you can do it too!

Let’s debunk the myths and start building real online income. With the right hustle, you can cover tuition, books, and more without loans or family help. My journey is proof the money is out there for the taking!