How to Turn $50 Into $500 Fast: 15 Little-Known Strategies!

Feel like turning $50 into $500 is impossible?

The truth is, with discipline and smart strategies, growing your money is very achievable.

This guide reveals proven methods to maximize every dollar through frugality, earning extra income, and investing wisely.

How to Turn $50 Into $500
How to Turn $50 Into $500

You’ll learn easy-to-implement steps to painlessly grow your $50 into $500 or more.

Frugality – The Key to Growing $50

When funds are scarce, every dollar counts.

Adopting a frugal mindset of needs versus wants, cutting back on non-essentials, and avoiding splurges lays the groundwork for financial growth.

Evaluate Needs Versus Wants

Carefully consider each purchase and expense.

Differentiate needs, like groceries and transportation, from wants, like dining out and entertainment.

Needs vs. Wants
Needs vs. Wants

Tips for Evaluating Needs vs. Wants:

  • Make a list of all upcoming expenses
  • Categorize each item as “Need” or “Want”
  • Rank needs by importance
  • Eliminate lower-priority wants
  • Stick to your list and avoid impulse purchases

Buy only essentials until you’ve built up savings.

Reduce Dining Out and Entertainment Expenses

Dining out and entertainment can burn through cash quickly.

Limit restaurant meals, movies, concerts, etc.

Ways to Save on Dining Out:

  • Cook and meal prep – save $200+ a month for the average family
  • Use restaurant deals and loyalty programs
  • Split meals or take leftovers
  • Order water instead of drinks
  • Avoid appetizers and dessert
  • Tip 15% maximum

Prepare more meals and snacks at home. Host potlucks or game nights instead of hitting the town.

Avoid Impulse Purchases and Splurges

It’s easy to fall into impulse buying traps at stores, online sales, and checkout displays. Avoid acting on such urges.

Strategies to Curb Impulse Buying:

  • Unsubscribe from promotional emails
  • Avoid stores during sales
  • Delete shopping apps from your phone
  • Carry only essential cards/cash when out
  • Wait 24 hours before any discretionary purchase
  • Make a wish list for future reference

As entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk says:

“Impulse purchases are the backbone of retail businesses. The more impulsive you are, the more you spend.”

Create a mandatory waiting period for any non-essential purchases. Chances are the urge will pass.

3 Ways to Earn Extra Money

When funds are tight, bringing in additional income can make a huge impact.

Luckily, many options exist both online and locally.

List Unused Items for Sale Online

Scan closets, garages, attics, etc. for valuables that can be resold.

List Unused Items for Sale Online
List Unused Items for Sale Online

Items like collectibles, antiques, gently used electronics, and designer items often bring top dollar on sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

Tips for Reselling Items Online

  • Research product prices to list competitively
  • Take clear, detailed photos
  • Note any defects accurately in the descriptions
  • Price higher for first week then gradually reduce
  • Offer discounted shipping or bundle items

I recently decluttered my closet and earned $300 selling unused clothes and handbags on Poshmark that I no longer wore.

The extra cash is going straight to my savings account.

Freelance Gigs and Side Jobs

Those with marketable skills can offer their services for hire online.

Freelance Gigs and Side Jobs
Freelance Gigs and Side Jobs

Writing, graphic design, web development, virtual assistance, data entry, and more are commonly requested skills.

Sign up on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer to get started.

Popular Online Side Hustles

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Freelance writer
  • Web or graphic designer
  • Email or chat support
  • Data entry
  • Transcription
  • Teacher/tutor

Make Money From Your Skills and Knowledge

Beyond formal freelancing, monetize skills and knowledge directly. Provide music lessons or fitness training sessions.

Make Money From Your Skills and Knowledge
Make Money From Your Skills and Knowledge

Design resume templates. Offer SAT tutoring services.

Share investment tips via newsletter subscriptions or YouTube. Opportunities abound.

Ways to Profit from Your Knowledge

  • Start a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel
  • Offer online or in-person classes/training
  • Sell informational ebooks or courses
  • Consult clients 1-on-1
  • Build referral networks as an expert

Save and Invest Wisely

Growing $50 requires preserving capital.

Minimize withdrawals through smart saving and investing. Reinvest returns for compound growth.

Automatic Transfers to High-Yield Savings

Set up recurring monthly transfers from checking to a high-yield savings account.

Online banks offer rates up to 20X traditional savings accounts.

This builds an emergency fund and preserves capital.

Select Broad Index Funds for Beginners

Those new to investing should start with low-cost, highly diversified index funds that track entire markets.

Look into Vanguard’s offerings, like VTI and VOO.

Automate contributions for steady hands-off growth.

Use an Investment Calculator to Model Growth

Online calculators allow you to input an initial investment, monthly contributions, expected annual returns, and years invested to see potential portfolio growth.

Tweak the numbers until satisfied with projected outcomes.

Side Hustles With Low Startup Costs

Side gigs are a great way to bring in extra income without much upfront investment.

The following options only require time and effort to get started.

Create a Dog-Walking or Pet-Sitting Profile

Dog walking and pet sitting are in continual demand.

Create a Dog-Walking or Pet-Sitting Profile
Create a Dog-Walking or Pet-Sitting Profile

Create profiles on apps like Wag and Rover advertising your services.

Offer discounts for first-time customers to get positive reviews.

Find Short-Term House-Sitting Jobs

Caring for homes while residents travel can earn hundreds per stint.

List your availability on trusted sites like

Highlight previous experience caring for homes or pets.

Rent Out a Parking Spot Near Transportation Hubs

Those with parking spots near airports, train stations, and rideshare pickup areas can earn a sizable monthly income by renting them out.

List your space on apps like SpotHero or search locally.

3 Strategies to Turn $50 Into $500

Aside from direct earnings, many apps and services reward you just for everyday spending or online participation.

Leverage these to maximize $50.

Maximize Cash-Back Apps and Browser Extensions

Cashback apps like Rakuten,, and Honey apply discounts and give cash rewards for online shopping at hundreds of retailers.

These can quickly add up.

Follow Sweepstakes Entry Tips and Tricks

Entering online sweepstakes daily can pay off over time.

Follow fan pages and company accounts to get notifications of contests.

Use tactics like creating multiple entries to improve your chances.

Understand Matched Betting and Risk-Free Offers

Matched betting takes advantage of risk-free betting offers from various gambling sites.

It requires some research, but the returns are consistent with minimal risk.

Wrapping Up

Growing $50 into a larger sum requires discipline, creativity, and perseverance.

But implementing even a handful of the ideas above can set you on the path to generating real returns.

Small amounts can become large pots with consistent savings, smart investments, secondary income streams, and cash maximization strategies.

I'm Rahul, a money-making expert who helps others make money online through survey sites, side hustles, the gig economy, and more. On Moneyfreed, I share actionable tips and tricks to help you create a flexible and profitable online income stream.

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