16+ BEST Side Hustles for Single Moms (Make Money Fast!)

As a single mom, finding ways to earn extra income can make a huge difference for your family.

With the right side hustle, you can set your schedule, be there for your kids when they need you, and still make the money you need.

Side Hustles for Single Moms
Side Hustles for Single Moms

This guide will explore some of the best ideas.

How Can a Single Mom Make Extra Money?

Being a single parent is tough.

You have to play dual roles while likely working a full-time job and managing your family. This leaves little time for yourself.

However, finding flexible ways to supplement your income can help ease the financial burden.

Here are some options to consider:

  • Freelance work – Many freelance gigs like writing, virtual assistance, web design, etc. let you work when time permits. The income can be inconsistent but it’s on your schedule.
  • Direct sales companies – Selling products for companies like Avon, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, etc. offer a flexible way to make commissions. You can host home parties or sell online.
  • Driving for a rideshare app – Apps like Uber and Lyft let you drive people around when you have spare time. The income is inconsistent but you choose your hours.
  • Online tutoring or teaching – Use platforms like Varsity Tutors or Outschool to tutor students online in your free time. You set the rate and schedule.
  • Consulting in your field of expertise – If you have specialized skills and knowledge, offer your consulting services to bring in cash. You can find clients and set your rates.
  • Pet sitting or dog walking – For animal lovers, pet sitting and dog walking are flexible gigs you can fit around your schedule. Apps like Rover connect you to pet parents.
  • Renting out unused space – If you have an extra room, rent it out on Airbnb when you can. You pick when to host and earn rental income.
6 Steps to Choose The Best Side Hustle
6 Steps to Choose The Best Side Hustle

What Is a Good Side Hustle for a Single Mom?

The ideal side hustle for a single mom offers flexibility, allows you to leverage your existing skills, and works within the constraints of your schedule.

Here are some key things to look for:

  • Allows setting your own hours – Having control over your schedule is crucial when juggling parenting duties. Look for gigs that let you choose when and how much you work.
  • Utilizes your strengths – Think about what you naturally enjoy and are skilled at. Finding a side hustle that taps into these makes the work more rewarding.
  • Has low start-up costs – Avoid side hustles that require large upfront investments. Look for opportunities you can start doing right away without a lot of costs.
  • Provides ongoing income – Steady earnings allow you to reliably budget. Opt for side hustles that offer recurring revenue versus one-time gigs.
  • Fits around your family – Ensure the opportunity realistically aligns with your parental responsibilities so you don’t become overwhelmed trying to balance it all.
  • Has growth potential – Some side hustles can evolve into larger endeavors or full-time work if you desire. Keep an eye on the upside.

16 Best Side Hustles for Single Moms

Become a Virtual Assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant
Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assisting is one of the top side hustles for single moms thanks to its flexibility, low barriers to entry, and meaningful income potential.

As a VA, you provide administrative, technical, or marketing assistance to clients remotely.

Skills NeededCreate a website, list services on freelance sites
Startup CostsLow (computer, software)
Time CommitmentOrganization, communication, and technical skills
Income Potential$25/hr average
How to Get StartedCreate website, list services on freelance sites

With minimal start-up costs, you can get started right away and choose projects that work for your schedule.

The median pay rate for VAs is $25 per hour.

Sell Homemade Baked Goods

Baking is a fun hobby that can also earn you cash.

Selling homemade baked goods like cakes, cookies, and pies allows you to work from your kitchen during times that suit you.

Skills NeededBaking, cooking, packaging
Startup CostsLow (kitchen supplies)
Time CommitmentFlexible, 5-20 hrs/week
Income Potential$100-$500/month
How to Get StartedResearch local laws, create social media pages

You can sell directly to neighbors, at local farmer’s markets, or even ship specialty baked treats to customers nationwide using sites like Goldbelly.

An at-home baking business is a tasty way to make money on the side.

Offer Resume Writing Services

Offer Resume Writing Services
Offer Resume Writing Services

If you have a talent for writing and experience in hiring, offer professional resume writing services to bring in income.

You can work with clients virtually to optimize their resumes and cover letters.

Skills NeededWriting, editing, HR experience
Startup CostsLow (computer, software)
Time CommitmentFlexible, 5-20 hrs/week
Income Potential$100+ per resume
How to Get StartedCreate a website, list services on freelance sites

The flexibility makes this an ideal side hustle for moms and you can charge $100 or more per resume.

List your services on sites like FlexJobs or SolidGigs to find clients.

Rent Out Unused Living Space

Apps like Airbnb allow you to easily rent out extra living space to earn cash.

When you’re able to host, list a spare room, basement apartment, or even your backyard on the site.

You choose when and how often to host travelers based on your availability.

Skills NeededExtra space, hospitality
Startup CostsLow (extra cleaning)
Time CommitmentVaries, when space rented
Income Potential$1000+/month average
How to Get StartedList space on Airbnb

Rental income provides a lucrative stream of side income.

According to Airbnb, hosts typically earn around $1000 per month.

Become a Tutor

Tutoring Others in Your Favorite Subject
Become a Tutor

Tutoring is a flexible way to share your academic expertise while setting your schedule.

You can tutor students of all ages both online and locally in subjects you excel at.

Use sites like Wyzant, Varsity Tutors or create flyers to find students in your area.

Skills NeededKnowledge in academic subjects
Startup CostsKnowledge of academic subjects
Time Commitment5-20 hrs/week
Income Potential$15-$50/hr
How to Get StartedJoin tutoring sites, create fliers

Tutors charge $15-$50 per hour based on experience level and subject matter.

The flexible schedule makes this a go-to side hustle for single moms.

Teach a Skill Online

If you have expertise in an area like art, music, cooking, coding, writing, yoga, crafts, or more – teach it online!

You can create video lessons and market them on sites like Skillshare and Udemy or teach live classes through platforms like Superprof.

Skills NeededKnowledge in teachable skill
Startup CostsLow (computer, internet)
Time Commitment5-20 hrs/week
Income Potential$500-$5000+/month
How to Get StartedCreate online course, list on teaching platforms

Online students mean you get to teach on your own time from home.

Top teachers earn thousands a month sharing their knowledge.

Pet Sit or Dog Walk

Pet Sit or Dog Walk
Pet Sit or Dog Walk

For pet-loving moms, pet sitting or dog walking local animals is an easy business to start that offers flexible hours and meaningful pay.

You can join sites like Rover or Wag! to find pet-sitting and dog-walking gigs that work with your schedule.

Skills NeededLove of animals
Startup CostsLow (pet supplies)
Time Commitment5-20 hrs/week
Income Potential$15-$40 per 30-min visit
How to Get StartedJoin Rover, Wag!, post on neighborhood forums

Typical fees range from $15 – $40 per 30-minute visit.

With enough regular clients, pet care provides reliable income.

Proofread Content

Leveraging writing, editing, and language skills to proofread websites, books, articles, and other written content is a side hustle moms can conveniently do from home.

You set your hours to edit clients’ work for grammar, spelling, structure, etc.

Skills NeededWriting, editing, grammar skills
Startup CostsWriting, editing, and grammar skills
Time CommitmentFlexible, 5-20 hrs/week
Income Potential$20/hr average
How to Get StartedList services on freelance sites

List your services on sites like Upwork and Fiverr or reach out to authors directly.

Proofreading pay averages around $20 per hour.

Rent Out Parking Space

If you live in a high-traffic area, renting out unused parking on your property is an effortless way to earn extra cash on the side.

Sites like JustPark or apps like SpotHero let you list your parking online.

Skills NeededExtra parking space
Startup CostsFlexible, when space is available
Time CommitmentFlexible, when space available
Income Potential$50-$200/month
How to Get StartedList space on JustPark, SpotHero

You get to determine availability and pricing.

Renting out a single space can bring in $50-$200 per month depending on your location and demand.

Rent Out Equipment

Rent Out Equipment
Rent Out Equipment

Owning pricey equipment for parties, home improvement, events, hobbies, or more? Rent it out when you don’t need it!

List things like cameras, tools, bounce houses, tables, sports equipment, etc. on peer-to-peer rental sites like Fat Llama or NeighborGoods to start earning.

Skills NeededExtra equipment
Startup CostsLow
Time CommitmentFlexible, when available
Income PotentialVaries based on equipment
How to Get StartedList on FatLlama, NeighborGoods

This turns unused items into side income on your schedule. Rates vary based on the type of equipment.

Flip or Refurbish Furniture

If you enjoy DIY and home improvement, flip or refurbish furniture to make money.

Source used pieces secondhand or for free, refinish and update them, then resell for a marked-up price.

Skills NeededRefurbishing skills, design eye
Startup CostsLow ($50+ per piece)
Time Commitment5-20 hrs/week
Income Potential$50-$500+ profit per piece
How to Get StartedSource used items, refurbish, resell on online marketplaces

Sell furniture through Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, or at local flea markets and antique shops.

The projects can be done during nap times and free moments. Profits vary based on items.

Become a Child Sleep Consultant

Become a Child Sleep Consultant
Become a Child Sleep Consultant

Help sleep-deprived parents develop healthy bedtime routines for their kids.

Use your own parenting experience to provide personalized sleep plans, guidance, and coaching to families in your community or online.

Skills NeededParenting experience
Startup CostsReach out to families, create a website
Time Commitment10-25 hrs/week
Income Potential$200+ per multi-week service
How to Get StartedReach out to families, create website

You can charge $200 or more for multi-week consulting services.

Work nights and weekends when your kids are asleep.

Sew and Sell Handmade Items

Crafting handmade products to sell leverages creative skills and can work around any schedule.

You can sew items like tote bags, pillows, baby blankets, pet accessories, or clothing to sell online through sites like Etsy or your e-commerce site.

Skills NeededCrafting skills
Startup CostsLow (craft supplies)
Time Commitment5-20 hrs/week
Income Potential$100-$5000+/month
How to Get StartedCreate Etsy shop, sell on craft fair circuit

List locally at craft fairs and markets as well. Handmade products fetch higher prices than mass-manufactured items.

Profits vary based on what you make and sell.

Provide Virtual Interior Design

Provide Virtual Interior Design
Provide Virtual Interior Design

If you have an eye for interior design, provide those services virtually as a flexible side business.

You can work with residential or commercial clients to provide mood boards, recommendations, furniture arrangements, and more.

Skills NeededDesign skills, software knowledge
Startup CostsLow (computer, software)
Time Commitment10-30 hrs/week
Income Potential$75-$150/hr
How to Get StartedList services on freelance sites

List your services on Fiverr and Upwork or use a platform like Decorist.

Top virtual designers charge $75-$150 per hour for their expertise.

Rent Out Storage Space

Turn unused space like a garage, attic, shed, or spare room into rental storage units.

List your available storage on Spacer or Neighbor for locals to rent monthly.

You set rental terms and decide when units are available.

Skills NeededExtra storage space
Startup CostsFlexible, when space is available
Time CommitmentFlexible, when space available
Income Potential$50-$500 per unit monthly
How to Get StartedList space on Spacer, Neighbor

With enough space, renting storage units provides reliable recurring income that works around your schedule.

Average storage rents range from $50 to $500 monthly.

Become a Brand Ambassador

Become a Brand Ambassador
Become a Brand Ambassador

Earn money by becoming the face and voice of brands in your area.

Brand ambassador jobs include handing out product samples, demonstrating items in stores, attending events, creating social content, and more.

Skills NeededOutgoing personality
Startup CostsNone
Time CommitmentVaries, often weekends
Income Potential$15-$25/hr
How to Get StartedApply to agencies like Street Team, Brandbassador

Apply through marketing agencies like Street Team or Brandbassador.

Work is often on weekends and evenings at $15-$25 per hour. It’s a fun gig that pays.

Final Thoughts

Juggling parenting and bills as a single mom isn’t easy, but taking on a flexible side hustle allows you:

  1. to supplement your income
  2. work when available, and
  3. still, be present for your family.

With creativity and grit, you can achieve financial goals and thrive.

FAQs On Side Hustles for Single Moms

How Can a Single Mom Make Extra Money?

A single mom can make extra money by taking on flexible side gigs like rideshare driving, virtual assisting, or pet sitting that can be done outside of work hours. These allow her to earn additional income.

How Do Single Moms Struggle Financially?

Single moms struggle financially from having one income to cover all household expenses. This can make paying for childcare, housing, food, and other necessities challenging.

What Is a Good Side Hustle for a Single Mom?

A good side hustle for a single mom is an online business like freelance writing or selling handmade items. This brings in income while allowing schedule flexibility with the kids.

How Much Should a Single Mom Make a Month?

A single mom should aim to make at least $3,000-$4,000 per month to cover typical expenses for herself and her children. This varies based on location and lifestyle.

How to Be a Single Mom With a Full-Time Job?

Being a single mom with a full-time job involves meticulous planning. Coordinate childcare, use a calendar to manage time, set a budget, and take advantage of support systems to balance it all.

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