16 REAL Ways to Make Money Being a Stay-at-Home Mom (2023)

Stay-at-home moms often find themselves with extra time on their hands once the kids are off to school or asleep.

Starting a side hustle is a great way to supplement your family’s income while still being available for your kids.

With the right side gig, you can earn money doing something you love, on a schedule that works for you.

How to Make Money as a Stay-At-Home Mom
How to Make Money as a Stay-At-Home Mom

Why Should Stay-at-Home Moms Consider Having A Side Job?

There are many great reasons for stay-at-home moms to start a side hustle:

More Income

The most obvious benefit is the ability to earn extra income for your family.

This money can help cover household expenses, fund vacations, or let you splurge on fun extras.

Even an extra few hundred dollars a month can make a big difference.

A Creative Outlet

Being home with young kids all day doesn’t leave much time for yourself.

A side hustle gives you a chance to tap into your passions and talents.

It can be a welcome creative outlet from the daily grind of parenting.


The beauty of a side hustle is you can work it around your family’s schedule.

You can choose projects or clients that fit your availability, rather than being tied to someone else’s 9-5 schedule.

🚀According to a 2021 survey by Small Business Trends, 65% of mompreneurs start their side business for under $500. Low startup costs make side hustles accessible.

Gain Confidence

Learning new skills and running your own small business does wonders for self-confidence.

This sense of fulfillment and accomplishment can positively impact other areas of your life.

Build Your Resume

A side hustle demonstrates key skills like time management, self-motivation, and organization.

It shows future employers you are enterprising and ambitious.

Transition Back to Work

If you plan to re-enter the traditional workforce eventually, a side hustle helps you dip your toes back in without fully committing.

It lets you maintain and build skills.

Be An Example

Children learn from our actions.

Modeling entrepreneurship and a strong work ethic for your kids can inspire them tremendously.

How to Choose the Best Side Hustle?
6 Tips To Choose the Best Side Hustle

Top 16 Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs to Consider

If you’re sold on the benefits of a side hustle/job, the next step is choosing the right one for you.

Here are 16 great options for stay-at-home moms:

1. Custom Craft or Jewelry Making

If you enjoy arts and crafts, consider selling your creations online or at local fairs and markets.

Custom Craft or Jewelry Making
Custom Craft or Jewelry Making

Custom jewelry, candles, soap, cards, and other handmade items can bring in good money.

Startup costs: $300-$1000 for initial supplies
Skill requirements: Creativity, knowledge of crafting techniques, photography, social media
Time commitment: 10-20 hrs/week
Income potential: $1000-$5000/month once established
Necessary equipment: Craft tools, camera, shipping supplies


  • Use your creativity and make money from your hobby
  • Low startup costs
  • Sell on Etsy, at craft fairs, or through social media


  • Requires constant creation of new products
  • Need artistic skill and good aesthetics
  • Time spent photographing and marketing items

2. Personal Fitness/Yoga Instructor Online

Teach workout or yoga classes from your living room! Live streaming and pre-recorded online classes are very popular.

You can set your schedule and fees.

Startup costs: $500-$1000 for training, equipment
Skill requirements: Fitness/instruction experience, personable
Time commitment: 5-15 hrs/week
Income potential: $2000-$8000/month
Necessary equipment: Studio space, camera, props


  • Help others meet fitness goals
  • Set your schedule
  • Build online courses for passive income
  • Low equipment needs


  • Requires fitness/instruction experience
  • Need to market yourself well
  • Recording videos takes time

3. Personal Shopping or Stylist Services

Combine your fashion sense with shopping savvy to earn money helping others upgrade their wardrobes.

Personal Shopping or Stylist Services
Personal Shopping or Stylist Services

You can work remotely or accompany clients.

Startup costs: $100-$500 for starter pieces, branding
Skill requirements: Sense of style, listening skills, organization
Time commitment: 5-15 hrs/week
Income potential: $1000-$5000/month
Necessary equipment: Transportation, clothing samples


  • Flexible schedule
  • Use your fashion sense to earn money
  • Get discounts on brands you love
  • Meet new people


  • May require local travel
  • Need a good eye for style
  • Irregular income stream

4. Proofreading and Editing Services

Leverage English and writing skills by providing editing services to authors, businesses, students, and bloggers.

This can often be done online.

Startup costs: $50-$200 for online courses
Skill requirements: Extremely detail-oriented, grammar expertise
Time commitment: 10-25 hrs/week
Income potential: $1000-$3000/month
Necessary equipment: Style guide, productivity software


  • Work from anywhere
  • Choose your hours
  • Can start with little experience
  • Consistent demand for services


  • Requires strong writing skills
  • Pay can be low, especially when starting out
  • Work is repetitive

5. Creating Digital Products (Printables, Planner Etc.)

Design printable planners, wall art, lesson plans, party packs, and more.

Digital Products (Printables, Planner
Digital Products (Printables, Planner

Then sell them on sites like Etsy and Creative Market for residual “passive” income.

Startup costs: $200-$500 for courses, software, branding
Skill requirements: Creativity, basic graphic design, marketing
Time commitment: 10-25 hrs/week
Income potential: $2000-$20,000+/month
Necessary equipment: Computer, design programs


  • Make money while you sleep with passive income
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Low startup costs
  • Work from home


  • Requires tech skills
  • Need to continually create new products
  • Long hours initially to build inventory

6. Home-Based Daycare Services

If you enjoy taking care of little ones, open up your home and provide childcare services to other families.

This allows you to earn an income and interact with other adults during the day.

Startup costs: $2000-$5000 for licensing, materials, insurance
Skill requirements: Child development knowledge, multitasking, patience
Time commitment: 40+ hrs/week
Income potential: $2000-$5000/month
Necessary equipment: Play materials, childproofing, dishes


  • Earn an income while staying home
  • Social interaction with other adults and kids
  • Set your rates and schedule
  • Tax deductions for expenses


  • Dealing with tough behaviors
  • Lots of cleaning and prep work
  • Licensing and insurance requirements
  • Risk of spreading illnesses

7. Starting a Subscription Box Service from Home

Curate specialized subscription boxes people can sign up to receive monthly, like baking boxes, craft kits, or activity boxes for kids.

Subscription Box Service
Subscription Box Service

Handle packaging and shipping yourself.

Startup costs: $1000-$3000 for product samples, branding, and website
Skill requirements: Creativity, logistics, marketing
Time commitment: 20-40 hrs/week
Income potential: $3000-$20,000+/month
Necessary equipment: Inventory, shipping materials, printer


  • Enjoyable creative process
  • Make people happy with fun surprises
  • Provides steady monthly income
  • Can start small and scale up


  • Sourcing quality products takes time
  • Lots of coordination and shipping
  • Need great marketing and branding
  • Initial financial investment

8. Furniture Upcycling or Flipping

Give new life to old furniture right from your garage!

Refinishing, repurposing, and reupholstering unwanted pieces offer huge money-making potential.

Startup costs: $300-$1000 for tools, supplies, truck rental
Skill requirements: Furniture repair skills, manual labor, eye for design
Time commitment: 20-40 hrs/week
Income potential: $2000-$10,000+/month
Necessary equipment: Workshop, tools, truck


  • Use your creativity to give furniture new life
  • High profit margins
  • A mix of hands-on work and selling
  • Reuse and recycle unwanted items


  • Requires physical labor and a workshop
  • Need an eye for good furniture pieces
  • Transporting large items
  • Some upfront costs for supplies

9. Freelance Writing

If writing is your forte, offer your services to create website content, blogs, eBooks, and more for clients.

Freelance Writing
Freelance Writing

No specialized degree is required!

Startup costs: $100-$500 for courses, website
Skill requirements: Excellent writing skills, ability to research topics
Time commitment: 10-30 hrs/week
Income potential: $1000-$5000/month
Necessary equipment: Computer, productivity software


  • Utilize your writing talents
  • Flexible schedule
  • Can build a steady client base over time
  • Minimal start-up costs


  • Inconsistent income starting out
  • Need to be very self-motivated
  • Stiff competition in a saturated industry
  • Subject matter may not interest you

10. Virtual Assistance Services

Help busy professionals and businesses with administrative tasks virtually.

This could include email management, data entry, travel arrangements, appointment scheduling, and more.

Startup costs: $50-$200 for courses, CRM
Skill requirements: Organized, tech-savvy, client service skills
Time commitment: 10-40 hrs/week
Income potential: $1000-$5000/month
Necessary equipment: Computer, productivity software


  • Work from anywhere
  • Choose your hours
  • Lots of demand for reliable help
  • Gain exposure to many different industries


  • Pay is lower for basic tasks
  • Can be monotonous
  • Need to be highly organized
  • Tight deadlines

11. Online Tutoring or Coaching

Share your expertise by tutoring students of all ages online in academic subjects, music, sports, or hobbies.

Online Tutoring or Coaching
Online Tutoring or Coaching

Coaching is also popular.

Startup costs: $0-$300 for a website, materials
Skill requirements: Teaching ability, expertise in subject matter
Time commitment: 5-20 hrs/week
Income potential: $500-$3000/month
Necessary equipment: Computer, webcam, teaching tools


  • Leverage your knowledge to help others
  • Meaningful work
  • Set your rates and schedule
  • Get to know students and see progress


  • Finding clients takes hustle
  • Need teaching experience
  • Scheduling sessions can be challenging
  • Technology issues

12. Social Media Management

Every business needs social media help.

Offer to run accounts, develop content calendars, and implement marketing campaigns for service-based companies or product brands.

Startup costs: $100-$500 for courses, tools
Skill requirements: Marketing knowledge, creativity, writing skills
Time commitment: 5-40 hrs/week
Income potential: $1000-$10,000+/month
Necessary equipment: Computer, content calendars


  • Work remotely
  • Utilize social media skills
  • Flexible hours
  • Lots of opportunities for growth


  • Dealing with negative comments
  • Always “on-call” for notifications
  • Requires some technical knowledge
  • Keeping tone consistent across accounts

13. E-commerce or Online Reselling Business

Selling products online through your own or existing e-commerce platforms is easier than ever.

E-commerce or Online Reselling Business
E-commerce or Online Reselling Business

Try retail arbitrage, private labeling, drop shipping, or handmade goods.

Startup costs: $1000-$10,000+ inventory, website, branding
Skill requirements: Marketing, photography, shipping logistics
Time commitment: 40+ hrs/week
Income potential: $3000-$100,000+/month
Necessary equipment: Computer, shipping supplies, studio


  • Unlimited income potential
  • Work for yourself
  • Use existing platforms like Shopify
  • Automate many processes


  • Significant startup costs and risks
  • Lots of competition in a saturated market
  • Managing shipping and returns
  • Accounting complexity

14. Blogging or Vlogging

Start a blog or YouTube channel about topics you love like cooking, travel, parenting, home organization, and family fun.

Blogging or Vlogging
Blogging or Vlogging

Earn from ads, affiliate sales, or sponsorships.

Startup costs: $100-$500 for website, equipment
Skill requirements: Strong writing/on-camera presence, consistency
Time commitment: 10-40 hrs/week
Income potential: $500-$20,000+/month
Necessary equipment: Camera, lighting, computer


  • Turn your passion into profits
  • Flexible schedule
  • Build authority and community
  • Make money while you sleep with ads


  • Takes significant time to gain traction
  • Producing lots of content
  • Need beautiful photos/video
  • Relying on traffic for income

15. Affiliate Marketing

Earn commission promoting other companies’ products and services on your website or social platforms.

No inventory or shipping is required.

Startup costs: $0-$500 for website, tools
Skill requirements: Marketing, sales, relationship building
Time commitment: 5-40 hrs/week
Income potential: $500-$10,000+/month
Necessary equipment: Computer, productivity tools


  • Earn commissions by promoting brands you love
  • Very low barrier to entry
  • Set your hours
  • Costs nothing to get started


  • Commissions are small, 2-20%
  • Need traffic to make sales
  • No control over products or brand
  • Little long-term brand equity

16. Catering or Baking from Home

Become a personal chef catering events and meals or take custom cake and dessert orders.

Many stay-at-home moms find great success selling baked goods.

Startup costs: $500-$5000 for ingredients, supplies, licensing
Skill requirements: Cooking/baking expertise, client service
Time commitment: 20-60 hrs/week
Income potential: $2000-$15,000+/month
Necessary equipment: Kitchen, cooking tools, car


  • Make money doing what you love
  • Set your hours
  • Low startup costs
  • Provide specialized offerings


  • Need commercial kitchen for large-scale
  • Managing ingredients and orders
  • Finding ongoing clients takes hustle
  • Need excellent presentation skills

If you are looking for side hustles that pay weekly, here you go.

Benefits of Side Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Beyond just extra income, side hustles offer many other advantages that can improve a stay-at-home mom’s life significantly.

Income Diversification

Relying on a single income source is risky financially. If your spouse’s job is lost, your family could be in big trouble.

A side hustle brings in money from a completely different stream.

This provides a safety net and allows you to save more.

Flexibility in Working Hours

Being a stay-at-home parent demands your time and attention all day.

Finding a traditional part-time job with inflexible hours may be impossible.

With a side hustle, you choose when and how much to work.

You can schedule tasks around your family’s needs.

Skill Enhancement and Self-Growth

Caring for small children all day doesn’t provide much intellectual stimulation.

A side hustle gives your brain a break and helps you learn new things.

You can pursue a passion project or develop specialized skills.

This boosts confidence and gives you a renewed sense of purpose.

According to a 2019 study by the National Association for Female Executives, 73% of stay-at-home moms who launched a side business saw an increase in confidence.

“I was lacking adult interaction and intellectual stimulation staying home with my young kids,” says Sarah Davis, a mom of two in Phoenix who started a freelance writing business. “My side hustle gave me a renewed sense of purpose beyond just being ‘mom’.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started

Once you’ve identified a side hustle that excites you, follow these steps to get up and running:

1. Set Goals

Decide on your targets for income and hours.

Make sure it fits with your family’s schedule.

This will dictate what opportunities make sense for you.

2. Handle Logistics

Take care of business licensing, tax requirements, insurance, and any supplies.

Outsource tasks like branding and web design if needed.

3. Learn New Skills

beef up your abilities and knowledge in this new area through classes, mentors, books, or certifications. Invest time upfront.

4. Build a Portfolio

Compile sample work, client testimonials, products, and credentials.

This sells you and attracts ideal customers.

5. Market Yourself

Spread the word!

Leverage social media, networking events, an email list, and community bulletin boards to get the word out.

6. Manage Time Wisely

Structure your day around business tasks without compromising family time.

Set limits and stick to a schedule.

7. Track Finances Closely

Keep diligent records of income and expenses.

This helps optimize profits and catches any issues early.

8. Deliver Great Service

Focus on consistent quality, good communication, and exceeding expectations for every customer.

This leads to referrals and repeat business.

Maintaining Work-Life Balance When Running a Side Hustle

Avoid burnout and family resentment by using these strategies to keep equilibrium with a side business.

  • Be Realistic About Hours – Don’t bite off more than you can chew time-wise. Start small.
  • Involve Kids – Get them engaged in simple, fun ways. Offer them “jobs” and teach entrepreneurship.
  • Use Naptime Wisely – Use kids’ sleeping hours to tackle planning, correspondence, and projects.
  • Set Boundaries – Prevent work from bleeding into family time. Learn to log off and be present.
  • Take Time Off – Honor days of rest from your hustle. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying downtime.
  • Ask for Help – Outsource, swap skills with other parents, or use trustworthy teens for simple tasks.
  • Schedule Playdates During Work Time – Entertain kids while you sneak in work hours.
  • Maintain Open Dialogue – Frequently check in with family about needs and boundaries. Adjust as required.
  • Automate Where Possible – Use tools like Calendly and Hootsuite to save time on repetitive tasks.
  • Remember Your “Why” – Keep your motivation front and center during tiring or stressful times.

Final Thoughts

Deciding to start a side hustle is a big step for any stay-at-home mom.

While rewarding, it also brings unique challenges. Going informed and strategic is key to creating a sustainable, profitable business.

Do thorough research, make a plan, start small, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

FAQs On Side Hustles for Stay-at-Home Moms

What Is the Best Side Hustle for a Stay-at-Home Mom?

The best side hustle for a stay-at-home mom is an online business like blogging, freelance writing, or selling handmade crafts on Etsy. These allow flexibility and earning potential from home.

How Can a Stay-at-Home Mom Make Extra Money?

A stay-at-home mom can make extra money by babysitting, tutoring students, doing paid surveys online, selling homemade goods, or becoming a virtual assistant.

How Can a Stay-at-Home Mom Make $2000 a Month?

A stay-at-home mom can make $2000 a month by running an in-home daycare, creating online courses, monetizing a blog, or doing freelance graphic design, writing, or web development.

How Do I Start My Career as a Stay-At-Home Mom?

Start your career as a stay-at-home mom by joining support groups, taking childcare classes, setting a schedule, and exploring ways to earn income at home like blogging or freelancing.

How Can a Single Mom Make Passive Income?

A single mom can make passive income through investing, creating online courses or info products, monetizing a blog or YouTube channel, or building an affiliate marketing business.

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