10 BEST & EASY Side Hustles for Teens 2023 (You Must Try #9)

Sick of begging your parents for cash?

Struggling to save up for that new phone?

Side hustles for teens provide the solution to gaining financial freedom, buying what you want, and gaining real-world skills.

Side Hustles for Teens
10+ Side Hustles for Teens

Do all this without sacrificing your social life or grades!

The Importance of Earning Your Own Money as a Teen

Having your own income as a teenager is extremely valuable for several reasons.

Firstly, it teaches you important life skills like budgeting, money management, responsibility, and time management.

When you rely on your parents for spending money, it’s easy to take it for granted.

But when you work for your cash, you gain perspective on the effort it takes to earn and learn to spend wisely.

Earning an income also brings a sense of freedom and control.

You don’t have to ask permission every time you want to buy something.

With your funds, you can choose to splurge on fun experiences with friends or save up for big purchases like a car or college tuition.

Having financial independence at a young age prepares you well for adulthood.

6 Steps to Choose The Best Side Hustle
6 Steps to Choose The Best Side Hustle

Skills and Experience You Can Gain from Side Hustles

Side hustles provide the opportunity to develop useful skills that can benefit you greatly in the future.

Here are some of the valuable experiences teens can gain:

  • Technical skills – Many online side hustles like freelance writing, graphic design, web development, or data entry require learning new software programs. Mastering these technologies at a young age gives you a significant head start.
  • Entrepreneurial skills – Running your own side business requires planning, resource management, marketing, networking, and administration. These are all key skills needed for entrepreneurship.
  • Interpersonal skills – Client-facing side hustles like dog walking, tutoring, or delivering food improve your communication abilities, responsibility, and customer service skills.
  • Time management – Juggling side work in addition to school demands strong time management skills. You learn to prioritize, schedule your time, and work efficiently.
  • Money management – Earning and managing your income teaches budgeting, saving, and smart spending habits.
  • Multitasking – Holding down a side hustle in addition to school, sports, and social life requires an ability to multitask effectively.
  • Problem-solving – When challenges arise with clients, technology, or logistics, side hustles teach you to think critically to resolve issues.

Best Online Side Hustles for Teens

Online side hustles offer excellent opportunities for teens to earn money with minimal commitment.

Here are some of the best online options:

Freelance Writing or Blogging

If you have strong writing chops, creating content for blogs, websites, or magazines can earn a decent income without ever leaving your laptop.

Freelance Writing or Blogging
Freelance Writing or Blogging

Writing gigs are widely available for every topic imaginable. Research sites like Contena, iWriter, or Listverse to get started.

Rates typically range from 2-10 cents per word depending on your niche and experience level.

Time Commitment5-15 hours per week
Pay Rate$0.02-$0.10 per word
Age Requirement16+
Skills NeededStrong writing skills, ability to research topics

Building up a portfolio and specializing in a profitable niche like finance or technology can increase your rates significantly.

Web content, product reviews, and listicles are easier entry points compared to skilled niches like copywriting.

Did you know?

🚀53% of freelance writers earn $10,000-$50,000 per year working part-time hours.
🚀The global freelance writing industry is projected to grow to $20 billion by 2027.

Graphic Design Services

If you have artistic abilities and graphic design experience, providing visual content and social media assets to small businesses and bloggers can earn $10-$50 per hour.

Graphic Design Services
Graphic Design Services

Expand your skills in Photoshop, Canva, or Illustrator through online tutorials.

Time Commitment5-15 hours per week
Pay Rate$10-$50 per hour
Age Requirement13+
Skills NeededArtistic ability, experience with design programs

Then create visually appealing portfolio samples to demonstrate your services like logo design, illustrations, posters, ads, banners, info-graphics, cartoons, book covers, and more.

List your gigs on sites like Fiverr, 99Designs, or Upwork to connect with clients.

Did you know?

🚀43% of graphic designers are self-employed freelancers.
🚀In 2020, over 730,000 designers offered services on Fiverr starting at $5 per gig.

Selling Handcrafted Items on Etsy

For the artsy teen, Etsy provides a perfect platform to sell handmade crafts, vintage items, artwork, jewelry, and other unique creations.

Selling Handcrafted Items on Etsy
Selling Handcrafted Items on Etsy

You can easily set up a visually engaging Etsy shop showcasing your products. Draw inspiration from top sellers and experiment with different items.

With some business savvy and consistent new inventory, you can earn a nice monthly income.

Time Commitment10-15 hours per week
Pay Rate$10-$30 per item
Age Requirement13+
Skills NeededArtistic/craft skills, photography, marketing

But quality photography, descriptions, and SEO optimization are key to standing out.

Social media promotion also helps attract traffic and loyal customers.

Did you know?

🚀Top Etsy sellers each make over $100,000 dollars in annual sales revenue through the site.
🚀Over 40% of Etsy sellers consider their shop a full-time business.

Offline/Local Side Hustles Opportunities for Teens

While online side hustles are convenient, exploring local earnings opportunities provides important real-world experience.

Here are some ideal offline side hustles for enterprising teens:

Babysitting Services

Offering childcare is a classic, highly in-demand teen side hustle.

Parents everywhere need reliable sitters daytime, evenings, and weekends.

Babysitting Services
Babysitting Services

Create flyers or online profiles detailing your skills, experience, and availability to market your services.

Start by reaching out to family, neighbors, parent coworkers, and community boards to land gigs.

As you build experience, join Care.com or SitterCity to expand your client roster and earnings.

Time Commitment5-15 hours per week
Pay Rate$10-$20 per hour
Age Requirement13+
Skills NeededExperience caring for children, patience

Responsible teens can charge $10-$20 per hour based on the number and ages of kids.

Adding pet care, tutoring or household chores can increase your earnings.

Consistent hard work providing quality care can quickly generate recurring bookings.

But always put safety first!

Did you know?

🚀The average babysitting rate in the U.S. for one child is $16.50 per hour.
🚀22% of teenage girls in the U.S. babysit to make extra money.

Lawn Mowing Business

Teens possessing (or willing to purchase) a lawn mower and portable equipment can launch a lucrative neighborhood mowing service.

Lawn Mowing
Lawn Mowing

Estimate costs to determine competitive per-yard pricing.

Flyer local areas door-to-door and convince homeowners to ditch their current providers. Offer reliable service with flexible scheduling.

Time Commitment10-20 hours per week
Pay Rate$15-$30 per lawn
Age Requirement14+
Skills NeededPhysical fitness, landscaping skills

Building a strong client base over time through word-of-mouth referrals can create a sizable summer income stream.

Expanding into landscaping, hedge trimming, raking, and snow removal provides year-round earning potential in many climates.

Providing quality customer service ensures satisfied repeat clients.

Did you know?

🚀The average cost for lawn mowing service is $35-$65 per lawn.
🚀During peak summer months, full-time student lawn businesses can earn up to $10,000 per month.

Tutoring Others in Your Favorite Subject

If you excel in a subject like math, science, languages, or music, offer personalized tutoring services to struggling students.

Tutoring Others in Your Favorite Subject
Tutoring Others in Your Favorite Subject

Print flyers and post them on community boards or list them through local tutoring companies.

Start by taking on elementary and middle school students at $15-25 per hour.

Time Commitment5-10 hours per week
Pay Rate$15-$35 per hour
Age Requirement15+
Skills NeededMastery in academic subjects, teaching ability

As your teaching skills improve, begin tutoring high schoolers at $20-35 per hour for more specialized topics.

Patience and strong communication abilities are a must!

Did you know?

🚀39% of tutors charge between $15-$40 per hour for teaching services.
🚀The global private tutoring market is estimated to surpass $178 billion this year.

Fast-Growing Gig Economy Opportunities for Teens

The booming gig economy opens up many innovative side-hustling opportunities for teens.

While you may need to wait until you’re 18 for some platforms, here are two to explore:

Taskrabbit Jobs

TaskRabbit connects people needing chores or errands with vetted “Taskers” ready to earn cash completing them.


Options range from furniture assembly to yard work to help with moves. Rates typically start at $15 per hour.

While an adult account may be required, enterprising teens could potentially assist parents registered as Taskers to earn income.

Time Commitment5-20 hours per week
Pay Rate$15+ per hour
Age Requirement18+
Skills NeededVaried skills like cleaning, handyman, delivery

Strictly follow all platform policies and safety practices.

If available in your area, Taskrabbit provides flexible earnings around your schedule.

Did you know?

🚀Taskers earn an average of $45 per task on the platform.
🚀TaskRabbit users have earned over $1 billion collectively through the app worldwide.

Uber Eats Delivery (Where Permitted by Law)

Uber Eats lets people earn money delivering food orders from restaurants to hungry customers.

Uber Eats Delivery
Uber Eats Delivery

While Uber driving requires you to be 18+, the delivery app only requires being over 18 to drive, but you can deliver by walking, biking, or scooter at younger ages.

However, check your state’s specific regulations as some places require you to be over 18 to work for Uber period.

Time Commitment10-20 hours per week
Pay Rate$10-$20 per hour
Age Requirement18+ to drive, 13+ to deliver by bike/scooter
Skills NeededBiking or driving ability

If you are legally able to deliver for Uber Eats in your area, it can be an easy way to earn $10-$15 per hour on your schedule.

But take important safety precautions if delivering by bike or scooter!

Did you know?

🚀Full-time Uber Eats drivers earn an average of $13 per hour after deducting Uber’s service fee.
🚀Uber Eats customers tipped over $600 million dollars to delivery drivers in 2020.

Making Money through Social Media Platforms

For teens immersed in the digital world, leveraging your social media skills and following to earn an income is an obvious opportunity:

Becoming an Instagram Influencer

Instagram opens the door to potentially earning huge sums by building an audience around your account content and becoming an “influencer.”

Becoming an Instagram Influencer
Becoming an Instagram Influencer

You don’t need millions of followers to start making money.

Even several thousand engaged followers can lead to sponsored posts.

The key is to establish a visually appealing aesthetic and niche – beauty, fashion, nutrition, photography, travel, etc.

Post consistently using relevant hashtags and engaging captions. Collaborate with similar accounts to cross-promote.

Time Commitment10-15 hours per week
Pay Rate$100 per 10K followers per sponsored post
Age Requirement13+
Skills NeededPhotogenic, creative, consistent posting

Slowly build your following through viral trends, reels, stories, and IGTV content.

Once you have 5K+ followers, you can begin pitching brands for partnerships through your profile or an influencer platform like Famebit.

Sponsored posts earn approximately $100 per 10K followers.

Instagram takeover events also provide income opportunities once your following grows large enough.

Did you know?

🚀Nano influencers with 10,000-50,000 followers can earn $100-$500 per sponsored post.
🚀92% of marketers say influencer marketing is an effective advertising strategy.

Creating YouTube Videos

Launching a YouTube channel allows charismatic teens to leverage their creativity into subscriber revenue.

Creating YouTube Videos
Creating YouTube Videos

Channels centered around video gaming, comedy, beauty, animation, and personality vlogs tend to gain large followings.

Study popular tropes and current events to brainstorm video ideas. Invest in quality filming and editing equipment to produce engaging content.

Be consistent in uploading videos and self-promote through social media.

Time Commitment10-20 hours per week
Pay Rate$2-7 per 1,000 video views
Age Requirement13+
Skills NeededVideography/editing skills, entertaining personality

Add a Google AdSense account to start earning through video ads once you have 1,000+ subscribers and 4,000+ watch hours.

YouTube also pays creators a share of Premium subscriber revenue.

Channels with 100K+ subscribers and viral videos can earn significant income through YouTube directly.

But fame isn’t guaranteed, so keep your expectations realistic starting.

Did you know?

🚀YouTubers with 1 million subscribers earn an average of $60,000 per year from ads.
🚀Over 2 billion people log into YouTube every month to watch videos.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Side Hustle

If you’re a teen interested in making money on the side, it’s important to thoroughly consider a few factors before diving in.

Here are three key things to think about first:

Balancing Schoolwork and Side Hustles

Your education has to remain the priority as a student.

Before taking on any side work, reflect honestly on your current schedule and academic responsibilities.

Will you realistically have time to take on a side hustle without your grades suffering?

Talk to students who balance jobs and discuss time management strategies.

Set a fixed schedule for studying and attend all classes before allotting time to do side work.

Start slowly with a low-commitment gig like paid surveys to gauge your capacity.

See if you can integrate side work into existing free time like commutes or weekends.

If your grades slip, cut back on working hours or pause the side hustle until school breaks. Don’t risk your education.

Legal Age Requirements for Working in Your Country or State

Every country has minimum legal age requirements for taking paid work, typically aged 14-16.

In the US, each state has specific regulations regarding what jobs teens under 18 can perform.

For example, jobs deemed hazardous are restricted.

Be sure to research your local labor laws thoroughly so you avoid illegal work.

Some common regulations include:

  • Under 15: Limited to babysitting, yard work, and freelance work. No formal employment.
  • 15-16: Retail, food service, and certain gig jobs permitted. Hour limits.
  • 16+: Wider range of employment with permit/parental consent.
  • Many online platforms like survey sites or freelance marketplaces have minimum age requirements as well. Double-check these carefully and consider having a parent manage your account if needed. Don’t try to illegally falsify your age.

Assessing the Time and Effort Required

Before choosing a side hustle, research the typical hours required and the effort involved.

For example, a lawn mowing gig may pay well per hour but require 10+ hours of physically strenuous work each week.

On the other hand, paid surveys may have flexible hours but only pay pennies requiring many repetitive hours to earn reasonable cash.

Analyze if the projected income is truly worth the time investment.

Also consider one-time initiation efforts like obtaining licenses, creating profiles, setting up a website, or building a client roster.

Don’t underestimate the work involved before fully committing.

Start with gigs with a fast payoff.

As your skillset expands you can graduate to more advanced, high-paying side hustles.

3 Ways to Improve Your Earnings over Time

While side hustles provide great starter income for teens, you can maximize your earning potential more significantly over time in these ways:

Investing in Skill Development

Pursuing training, courses, or mentoring to continually expand your knowledge can open doors to higher income opportunities.

Attend local workshops or conferences to network and learn.

Enroll in online classes through platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, or LinkedIn Learning.

For example, an artistic teen could take graphic design courses to upgrade from manual commissions to scaling digital services.

A fitness buff teen could get certified as a personal trainer to train clients versus just mowing lawns.

Investing in yourself early on compounds over time.

Building and Growing Your Brand

Rather than jumping between random gigs, focus on building a personal brand in your niche to establish reputation and authority.

Create logos, banners, and social media profiles with a consistent visual identity.

Provide amazing service and product quality to get referrals, reviews, and word-of-mouth buzz.

Going all in on a niche side hustle amplifies your income faster than scattered efforts.

For example, a teen could create an online tutoring business with scheduled sessions and curated study materials versus ad hoc tutoring.

Branding allows scaling.

Expanding Your Side Hustle into a Larger Business

Once you’ve built expertise and an audience, expanding your model with higher service tiers, multiple product lines, outsourcing or automation can grow income exponentially.

A successful Etsy shop owner could hire local teen crafters as employees to increase production capacity.

Social media influencers could diversify into their product lines, online courses, in-person events, and brand partnerships.

Business investments combined with strategic expansion can turn side hustles into livelihoods. Think big!

Final Thoughts

Starting a side hustle as a teen develops valuable skills and experience that will serve you incredibly well down the road on your journey to financial independence and career success.

Find something you enjoy that fits your schedule and then put in the hard work consistently.

Your future self will thank you!

FAQs On Side Hustles for Teens

How Can a 15-Year-Old Make Money on the Side?

A 15-year-old can make money on the side by babysitting, lawn mowing, dog walking, tutoring younger kids, or doing odd jobs for neighbors.

What Are the Easiest Side Hustles for 14-Year-Olds?

The easiest side hustles for 14-year-olds are babysitting, pet sitting, lawn mowing, shoveling snow, and helping neighbors with chores.

Can a 14-Year-Old Do a Side Hustle?

Yes, a 14-year-old can do a side hustle like babysitting, dog walking, lawn mowing, or tutoring younger children. Check with parents first.

How Can a 14-Year-Old Make Real Money?

A 14-year-old can make real money by babysitting, dog walking, tutoring, yard work, and getting a part-time job with a work permit.

How Can a 14-Year-Old Make Money Online Without a Job?

A 14-year-old can make money online by starting a blog, social media influencing, or freelancing skills like coding, writing, or graphic design.

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