10 Side Hustles That Pay Weekly: Earn Extra Cash Fast (2023)

Struggling to make ends meet or want to boost your income?

Side hustles that pay weekly provide a solution to earn extra cash regularly.

Whether you need to cover unexpected bills or save for a dream vacation, these quick money-makers are perfect!

  • Multiple side hustles provide weekly income.
  • Driving for rideshares offers flexible cash.
  • Delivering food and groceries pays quickly.
  • Freelance writing skills earn regular pay.
  • Monetize skills online for steady money.
Side Hustles That Pay Weekly
Side Hustles That Pay Weekly

They offer recurring funds that relieve financial pain and empower your goals.

Top 10 Side Hustles That Pay Every Week

If your goal is to earn extra money every week, these are some of the best side hustles to consider.

Rideshare Driving (Uber, Lyft)

Side Hustle #1

One of the most popular side hustles that pay every week is rideshare driving for Uber or Lyft. As soon as you complete trips, the funds are added to your account.

You can cash out earnings instantly with fast pay, or wait for weekly payouts on Monday. Drivers report earning $15-$25 per hour on average.

Need a qualifying car and a driver’s license. Variable earnings.Need to pay for gas, insurance, and maintenance.
Meet new people. Explore new areas.Can be tiring with long hours. Dealing with traffic and passengers.
Get sign-up bonuses and other incentives.Need to pay for gas, insurance, maintenance.

The flexibility is also great if you want to put in a few hours after your 9 to 5 job or make some cash on the weekends.

All you need is a decent car, a clean driving record, and to pass a background check.

🚀Uber drivers earn an average of $364 per month in tips according to a 2021 survey.
🚀You can drive for Uber or Lyft with just a regular driver’s license and a decent used car.

Food and Grocery Delivery (Instacart, Doordash, Uber Eats)

Food Delivery
Side Hustle #2

Similar to ridesharing, delivery services like Instacart, DoorDash, and Uber Eats also pay weekly.

Delivery driving enables you to earn extra money on your schedule. And with Instacart, you also have the option to shop and deliver groceries or just focus on the driving component.

Flexible schedule. Work when you want.Can be physically demanding with lots of driving, carrying.
Earn tips in addition to base pay.Need reliable vehicle and insurance. Gas and maintenance costs.
Get discounted food. Explore new restaurants.App issues and lack of support for drivers.

Average earnings are in the $15 to $25 per hour range as well but can be higher during peak times and in busier metro areas.

Payments are deposited weekly, so you have access to your funds fast.

🚀Instacart shoppers earn an average of $13-25 per hour according to Glassdoor data.
🚀No special license is required to deliver food or groceries with apps like Instacart and Doordash.

Freelance Writing, Editing, Proofreading

Side Hustle #3

If you have strong writing chops, freelance writing is an excellent way to earn weekly income from home.

Websites like Contena, Scripted, and Constant Content connect freelancers with clients looking for blog posts, website copy, ebooks, and more.

Can take time to build a steady client base.Finding clients and marketing yourself.
Choose projects you’re interested in.Can take time to build steady client base.
Gain valuable experience. Build portfolio.Need strong writing and communication skills.

Most pay per word or project.

Once your work is approved, funds are available within a week or two. Many seasoned freelance writers earn over $1,000 per week working with multiple clients.

🚀53% of full-time freelance writers earn $51,000 or more per year according to a 2021 survey by WriterAccess.
🚀Writing and editing gigs can be done from home on your schedule.

Online Tutoring and Teaching English

Tutoring Others in Your Favorite Subject
Side Hustle #4

Have a knack for tutoring or experience teaching? Put your skills to work by tutoring students online or teaching English to those overseas.

You set your hours with platforms like Varsity Tutors, Chegg Tutors, and more. Most sessions pay between $15 to $25 per hour.

Flexible schedule. Work from home.Need expertise in subject area. Lesson planning.
Meaningful work helping others learn.Managing different student levels and needs.
Earn steady income. Supplement teaching salary.Need patience. Time zones with online students.

For teaching English online, companies like VIPKid connect you with Chinese students for early morning ESL lessons. Pay is around $20 per hour.

Most tutoring and teaching platforms pay via direct deposit every two weeks or monthly. But with regular sessions, you can earn money every week.

🚀The average hourly rate for online ESL teachers is $20-26 according to ZipRecruiter data.
🚀Many online tutoring companies don’t require teaching credentials or experience.

Selling Products Online (eBay, Etsy, Amazon)

Selling Handcrafted Items on Etsy
Side Hustle #5

If selling is your thing, use online platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon to turn items into profits each week.

For eBay selling, you can find inventory to flip at estate sales, thrift stores, yard sales, and wholesale suppliers. With Amazon FBA, you send your inventory to Amazon and they handle shipping and storage.

Turn unwanted items into cash.Tap into the built-in marketplace.
Low startup costs. Use existing inventory.Fees from selling platforms. Customer service.
Tap into built-in marketplace.Identifying profitable products. Inventory management.

Handmade crafters can open up their own Etsy shop to sell their products globally. And if you want to take a hands-off approach, consider dropshipping products.

Payments are sent out weekly as long as you have sales. Serious sellers can earn thousands a month and get paid each week.

🚀Top Etsy sellers make over $100,000 per year in gross sales according to Etsy.
🚀You can sell handmade or vintage items on Etsy with very little upfront investment.

Renting Out Property (Spareroom, Airbnb)

Side Hustle #6

Have an extra room or vacant property? Renting it out is a semi-passive way to earn weekly income.

SpareRoom lets you list rooms for rent by the week or month. Airbnb enables you to rent out your space to travelers short-term. You set your rates.

Earn extra income from unused space.Preparing and maintaining space.
Meet new people from around the world.Dealing with damages or difficult guests.
Flexible commitment. Rent short or long term.Following regulations. Taxes on income.

After each booking, you’re paid out after the guest’s stay, which can be every few days to weekly.

Average earnings for renting a room are $500 to $1,000+ per month. Entire home rentals on Airbnb earn much more.

🚀Airbnb hosts earn an average of $924 per month according to Airbnb data.
🚀Renting out an extra room or your home when traveling can earn thousands per year.

Dog Walking/Pet Sitting (Rover, Wag)

Create a Dog-Walking or Pet-Sitting Profile
Side Hustle #7

If you love animals, providing pet services is a fun way to earn.

Apps like Rover and Wag connect you with pet owners needing walks, boarding, and drop-ins for their dogs, cats, and other animals.

Flexible outdoor work caring for animals.Unpredictable animal behavior.
Set your own rates and schedule.Travel between appointments.
Get exercise. Supplement pet owner income.Managing keys and access to homes.

You provide the services like dog walking, then record the duties in the app. Funds are deposited weekly into your account after you complete services.

Pet sitters report earnings of $300 to $1,000+ per week depending on their availability and how many recurring clients they take on.

🚀Dog walkers on Wag earn an average of $16-$22 per walk according to Wag.
🚀Many dog walking apps just require passing a background check to get started.

Online Surveys and Product Testing

Side Hustle #8

Taking online surveys and testing products may not pay a ton, but sites like Survey Junkie, UserTesting, and more payout weekly.

Most surveys pay between $0.50 to $5.00 each and product testing gigs pay $5 to $50 per test. The key is taking a high volume to maximize earnings.

Repetitive survey questions.Very low pay per survey/test.
Short time commitment.Repeitive survey questions.
Gain insights into new products.Need large volume to earn money.

With regular participation, it’s possible to earn up to $100 to $200+ weekly in your free time by testing products and voicing your opinion.

Payments are sent weekly via PayPal or gift cards.

🚀Top survey takers make $300 to $500 per month on average according to Survey Junkie.
🚀Taking surveys and testing products can be done in your free time from home.

Transcription Services (Rev, Gotranscript)

Side Hustle #9

If you’re a speedy typist, providing transcription services is a flexible side hustle with weekly payouts.

After creating an account with a transcription company like Rev or GoTranscript, you can claim jobs typing up audio and video files. Most files pay per minute typed or per page.

Work from home transcribing audio/video.Tedious and time-consuming.
Flexible schedule. Part-time income.Need fast typing skills and accuracy.
Gain experience for future roles.Low pay per audio hour. Unclear speech.

Earnings typically range between $100 to $500 weekly, with top transcribers making over $1,000.

Just be sure to pass qualification standards, which require fast and accurate typing skills.

🚀Rev transcribers earn on average $250-300 per month working part-time.
🚀Transcribing audio and video files only requires a computer, internet, and good listening skills.

Mystery Shopping

Side Hustle #10

As a mystery shopper, you earn money each week by visiting assigned stores and reporting on your experience. Shops pay $8 to $20 each on average.

Create a free account with a provider like MarketForce, BestMark, Bare International, Sinper, and more. Then browse and apply for mystery shops in your area.

🚀Mystery shoppers earn $10 to $20 per assignment on average.
🚀Mystery shopping gives you the chance to get paid to shop, dine out, or stay at hotels.

Payment is sent weekly after you submit your completed reports. With consistent shops, you can make $100 or more consistently without much time invested.

Side Hustles That Pay Weekly Online

If you want the flexibility to earn from home, these are some of the top online side hustles with weekly payouts:

  • Freelance writing and editing
  • Transcribing audio files
  • Teaching English online
  • Selling products on Etsy
  • Renting out property on Airbnb
  • Taking surveys and testing products
  • Entering data online
  • Remote call center work
  • Tech support and customer service
  • Bookkeeping gigs
  • Virtual assistant tasks
  • Loan signing agent services
  • Reselling and retail arbitrage

The benefit of these online side hustles is that you can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

And with regular clients or steady work, you can count on weekly deposits.

Side Hustles That Pay Weekly UK

In the UK, top weekly paying side hustles include:

  • Delivery driving for Uber Eats or Deliveroo
  • Pet sitting or dog walking with a Rover or Tailster
  • Tutoring online via Tutorful or MyTutor
  • Renting out parking spots on JustPark
  • Mystery shopping with Marketforce or Grass Roots
  • Medical testing with the Medicines Evaluation Unit
  • Participating in clinical trials via TrialReach
  • Applying for clinical commissioning groups
  • Taking surveys via Prolific Academic
  • Reselling and retail arbitrage on eBay or Vinted

There are plenty of flexible gigs that provide regular payouts straight to your UK bank account when working consistently.

💸How I Earn Extra Cash Weekly (My Method)

After losing my full-time job due to downsizing, I needed to find ways to supplement my unemployment checks with some extra cash every week. I started driving for Uber and Lyft during peak times like Friday and Saturday nights. The flexible schedule allowed me to earn $100-150 extra per weekend. I also signed up to deliver groceries with Instacart, which brought in another $75-100 each week.

In my free time, I began doing online tutoring in math, which is my specialty. I charge $20 per hour and tutor 5-10 hours per week, adding another $100-200 to my income. Writing is another passion, so I started a blog and also submitted articles to online publications. My weekly writing gigs pay me around $50-75 extra.

To bring in even more, I sell used books and clothes on eBay. This adds $20-50 each week to my earnings. I’m so glad I found these reliable ways to earn cash weekly after losing my 9-5. The income from my side hustles is helping me stay afloat until I can find a new full-time job.

My advice is to leverage your skills and find creative ways to make money on the side. The extra cash helps enormously during tough times between regular jobs.

Side Hustles That Pay Weekly Australia

If you’re located in Australia, consider these side hustles with weekly payout potential:

  • Rideshare and delivery driving with Uber, Ola, or Deliveroo
  • Dog walking and pet sitting via Mad Paws or PetCloud
  • Tutoring students with Tutors On Net or Learn Mate
  • Tour guide gigs on ToursByLocals
  • Mystery shopping via Marketforce or Gapbuster
  • Medical testing with Nucleus Network
  • eCommerce selling, drop shipping, and retail arbitrage
  • Transcribing with Scribie or Rev
  • Testing products via 1Q or Userlytics
  • Participating in paid research studies and surveys

Side Hustles That Pay Weekly in South Africa

South Africans can earn money weekly with these flexible side hustles:

  • Delivery and rideshare driving with Mr. D, Uber, Bolt, or OrderIn
  • Pet sitting or dog walking via Petpals or Pawshake
  • Tutoring students online via Tuta-Me or MyTutor
  • Tour guiding with Tourist Guides South Africa
  • Mystery shopping with Gapbuster or Intelligence Fieldwork
  • Medical testing with Aviro Health or METRO Study
  • eCommerce selling, retail arbitrage, and dropshipping
  • Transcribing audio files with TranscribeMe
  • Testing websites and products with Usertesting or Test IO
  • Completing online surveys via Ipsos or Toluna
6 Steps to Choose The Best Side Hustle

Requirements and Considerations for Weekly Side Hustles

If your goal is to earn money weekly, make sure any side hustles you take on meet these criteria:

  • Low barrier to entry – Minimal requirements, skills, or costs to get started
  • Flexible schedule – Work extra hours when you want
  • Weekly payouts – Get access to your money faster
  • Reputable companies – use platforms trusted by other side hustlers
  • Ratings and reviews – Check feedback from other users
  • Consistent demand – Choose gigs with a steady flow of work/clients
  • Multiple income streams – Have backup options if one gig dries up
  • Tax considerations – Understand tax obligations as a contractor
  • Legal requirements – Any needed licenses, certificates, or equipment
  • Self-discipline – Ability to work independently and stay motivated

Maximizing Your Weekly Earnings

A few tips to maximize how much you earn each week:

  • Block schedule high earning hours for gig work
  • Take on multiple side hustles at once
  • Provide excellent service and build up ratings
  • Focus on gigs with tips or the ability to upcharge
  • Be reliable and professional to retain clients
  • Look for bonuses and referral incentives
  • Leverage your skills and experience for higher pay
  • Be selective about which gigs you accept
  • Use apps or tools to automate and scale where possible
  • Reinvest a portion of earnings to grow

Final Thoughts

Turning your passions, skills, and spare time into cash each week is possible with so many side hustle options out there.

Just be sure to find gigs that are a good match for your abilities and schedule.

Block out high-earning hours where you can, provide awesome services, and work to build up a loyal client base.

Before you know it, you’ll have multiple streams of side income you can rely on weekly. So find those flexible gigs that speak to you and start making money!

FAQs About Side Hustles With Weekly Pay

How can I get paid every week?

The best ways to get paid weekly are choosing side hustles like rideshare driving, food delivery, pet sitting, tutoring online, freelance writing, and renting out property. These gigs deposit funds each week.

What side hustles pay the most weekly?

Rideshare driving, food, and grocery delivery, freelance writing, software development, virtual assisting, consulting, pet sitting, and renting property on Airbnb are some of the most lucrative side hustles that can pay $500+ or more per week.

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